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As one of the leading providers of web hosting and internet solutions, Next Generation Hosting proves to play a vital role in the success of its clients. Offering some of the most advanced hosting solutions available today, the company is able to drive their client’s businesses forward.
Aside from the features offered, the incredible value, and the secure and reliable connectivity, NGHosting prides themselves as having some of the most friendly, knowledgeable staff, always eager to help in any situation. The company is more then a simple web hosting solution – it sets itself apart from the competition by being one of the few that holds an extremely high customer retention rate.
Once NGHosting’s customers sign up, they soon realize that they will never have to go on a hunt for another provider.

Our Tier1 Data Center Facilities include the following:
  • Network Operations Center monitoring, staffed 24x7x365
  • Access controlled by access card and biometric scan, with motion detecting surveillance system
  • Dual, fully redundant Gigabit Ethernet connections to SAVVIS and to Internap
  • Network routing optimization technology for enhanced network performance
  • 13,000+ square feet of raised floor data center space with customized colocation offerings
  • Highly stable, controlled, raised-floor environment with redundant power delivery, back-up generators, fire detection
  • and suppression, HVAC, humidity control and physical security
  • Operating Environment Set at 68°F (20°C) with 45% humidity and a variation of no more than 8°F of temperature, or 4% in humidity
  • Fire Detection multi-zone above and below raised floor monitored internally by the NOC
  • Highly trained and experienced staff available for professional services and remote hands assistance

Multiple Tier 1 Network Providers

Internet connectivity is provided by dual, redundant Gigabit Ethernet connections to SAVVIS and to Internap.



The SAVVIS network node is located the building adjacent to our NOC and has eight (8) OC-192 connections to the SAVVIS nation-wide network.


Internap provides connections to multiple Tier1 Internet backbone providers, including AT&T, UUNET, Sprint, Verio, Level3 and more.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our NOC's facility includes more than 13,000 square feet of raised floor data center space, 1,200 square feet of "telco-style" space, plus a high tech Network Operations Center (NOC), conference rooms, administrative space and break rooms.

Cooling and humidity is controlled by more than 12 air handling units (AHUs) featuring N+1 and N+2 redundancy (dependant on location within the center). The system keeps the operating environment in the data center at 68 degrees with 45% humidity with a variation of no more than 8 degrees of temperature and 4% humidity

Electrical power from Colorado's Xcel Energy is delivered from dual feeds from the Surrey Ridge substation. The electric service in the building is connected to parallel redundant Powerware UPS units, which delivers conditioned power to the data center via a Starline Bussway system. This system eliminates the need for traditional power distribution units (PDU's) and enhances the reliability of the system as well as making "A" and "B" power available to every computer equipment cabinet. The power is backed up by two diesel generators connected to separate automatic transfer switches (ATS).

Fire Detection & Suppression
Fire detection within the Data Center is provided by an early detection alarm system monitored both within the NOC and by Honeywell as a backup third party monitoring service. The monitoring system informs the NOC staff of the specific alarm generating the warning and its location. The data center has sensors installed both above and below the raised floor to detect gases that rise with the airflow in the center as well as heavy gases that tend to settle under the floor. The fire suppression system is a pre-action, dry pipe which would discharge water only from the appropriate locations if the heat in the data center increases enough to trigger a fire sprinkler head. The discharge of a sprinkler would signal the emergency power off switch which would simultaneously turn off the electrical power to the entire data center room.

Secure and Reliable

In order to ensure the security of your equipment and data, our NOC provides the latest technology for access control and surveillance, monitored 24x7 by experienced technical staff.

Secure Access
Access to the Data393 data center is controlled by access card and biometric scanning systems. All data center entrants must be authorized by Data393 Network Operations Center (NOC) personnel prior to entry to the facility. In order to reduce the risk of lost or stolen access cards, all cards are kept on file within the NOC. To obtain entrance, visitors are required to surrender photo identification to NOC personnel for verification before receiving an access card. For additional security, entrance to all raised-floor and colocation areas requires both a biometric scan and use of the access card.

More than 40 high-tech cameras, connected to a closed circuit digital video recording system monitor the data center. This system provides NOC staff with the ability to visually monitor all doors to the data center and all cabinets within the data center. The system detects any movement, triggering one or more of the cameras to capture a digital image of the movement, which is recorded and archived. The images are archived periodically and can be transferred to any digital media on-demand.

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